President – Jake Mitchell

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As a consultant with more than 12 years of business, management, and marketing experience, Jake has worked with brands like Dunkin’ Donuts, DirecTV, Brad Paisley, Chevrolet, Dave Ramsey, and hundreds of other local, regional, and national household names in Amarillo, Lubbock, Dallas, Southwest Kansas, Oklahoma City, and the surrounding areas. Jake currently works as an Integrated Marketing Consultant for Alpha Media, a national radio company, and manages radio and digital advertising campaigns primarily in the Amarillo and Lubbock markets. (Interested in working with Jake? Click HERE)

When he’s not designing local, regional, and national ad campaigns or creating ideas to help small (and not so small) business owners get more customers, you can find him in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes mad scientist style, or out and about with friends at any number of events or local venues. He’ll tell you he wishes he was in the mountains though…

Jake first got involved with Panhandle Pride, Inc. in April of 2016, and very quickly took on a large role in the organization, joining the Board of Directors in the same month at the urging of then-President, Karen Palmer, and taking on responsibilities as the Director of Marketing and Public Relations. At the end of 2016, after the resignation of Richard Rhone, he assumed the role of the organization’s Vice President, and later was elected the organization’s President in September of 2017. 

Jake’s goals for the organization are simple, but broad. He wants to see Panhandle Pride, Inc. grow far beyond the annual Festival event, and begin to provide the community with monthly outreach events, and a network of supportive individuals for those who don’t have a support system of their own. Jake’s eventual goal is to work to provide the Texas Panhandle community with an LGBTQI+ Community Center, and to stabilize Panhandle Pride, Inc. as an organization that better meets the needs of the community.