Our community loves its flags and now is your opportunity to add to the collection.  Panhandle Pride invites you to submit a flag for competition at the 2017 Panhandle Pride Festival on June 25.

We will keep this simple!  You or your team design, create and present your flag to the Panhandle Pride Festival.  We will provide a panel of judges to pick the best and present the winner to the festival.  The flag may be of any size you choose.  Keep in mind that the flags will be incorporated into the opening ceremony for 2017 Panhandle Pride.  Bring your flag to Memorial Park at The 212 Club stage located at the north (Amarillo College) end of the park.  You must present your flag at 11:45 a.m.  You or a representative you select will march the flag in the opening ceremony at NOON.  You choose how it will be displayed in the march.

All we ask is that you present a flag made of fabric with no dangerous materials used in the creation or decoration of the flag.  We also ask that your flag be of original creation, contain nothing obscene or involve any nudity. We ask that you use Pride color schemes for any of the LGBTQIA+ groups.

We keep it simple so you can be creatively successful!  Now it’s time to put on your thinking cap and see what fabulous idea can be created into a flag.  We are looking forward to being amazed by the talent presented.

Have questions?  Email our Activities Director, Jenny Gunn at jenny.gunn@panhandle-pride.org.