Treasurer – Kim Kraaier

Kim is a business and finance professional with more than 10 years of experience in operations management, agribusiness, accounting, software migration and new business development.  She has worked for several Fortune 500 companies, been employed at one of Amarillo’s newest up and coming companies, and currently works for a start-up company in the Texas Panhandle that is poised on the brink of massive expansion.

When Kim isn’t getting new companies up and going, she spends her time traveling, reading and designing the next company that she wants to build.  Kim is relatively new to the Texas Panhandle, having moved here in December of 2015.  She became involved with Panhandle Pride, Inc. in April of 2016 and was voted into office as the organization’s Treasurer at the same time.

Kim shares the vision of her fellow Board members regarding the expansion of Panhandle Pride, Inc.  She wants to see exponential growth, building Pride beyond the annual event and bringing the community together more than once a year.  Kim is also seeking the opportunity to get involved with other LGBTQ+ organizations across the Nation and is excited to be able to network with other groups in order to bring much-needed support to the community.